UiPath Studio - Project Panel - Adding existing Folders

In UI path Project panel, One can create a folders and subfolders using “Add New Folder”.
Also existing existing workflows can be added by using “Open Project Folder”.
But here is a catch situation: Imagine you have a folder “Master” and withing this folder we have subfolders as “SF1”, “SF2”, “SF3” and so on and this contains all the workflows files and others. Creating this structure on the project panel works too.
But when we try to import an existing folders of such an structure; it doesn’t works.
Anyone who have tried and solution is known would be a great help.

Try refreshing UiPath Studio, might do the trick.

Tried even that as well, I have a bunch of workflows in this folder structure and i want to move this, Not sure if i am missing something.
Anything else if you discover, kindly share.


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I think it should work, I move my xaml files around all the time and It does not create any problems for me.

Some workaround is that you can create Template and start from there

Hi @satish5.prasad

Could you show what is the issue on the screenshot?

There are two options, one to refresh, but also one to display all the files here:

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