Why Main Workflow not created in the Parent Folder

Can anybody know why the main workflow is not created in the parent workflow?

All workflow files will be created in your project folder inside UiPath\{your project folder}

Parent folder (i.e UiPath) contains multiple project folders.


StateMachine you creating is the solution name, once you go insde th StateMachine folder you can find the Main.xaml

For users without admin access you can’t create workflows in C Drive, try creating the same in D drive.


Yes I know that in UIPath Folder I have created on project folder i.e “CalculateClientSecurity” in this folder I have 5 different folder like but main file I want to create in “CalculateClientSecurity” only. But it’s showing error while creating as I have attached the screenshot above.

Seems like an arbitrary limitation… What version are you using?
@loginerror - is this intended? Seems almost like a bug.

It’s a 2019.2.0 Latest only. But its not allowing me to create main workflow file.

Hi @balkishan

I am not sure I fully grasp your issue. Could you post some screenshots of your folder structure?

Generally, when you open a project, the location of the Main.xaml and project.json of that project will become the root reference point for creating new workflows within that project.

This means that if I have a new project in a location like that:

I will only be able to add workflows to locations that are equal to or below this root path. I will not be able to add them if I point to my Desktop, for example (it will give the same error as you got).

This is as far as I know expected behaviour.

To make it simple. Every time you create a new project you will end up with two files: Main.xaml and project.json. It is not possible to create another Main.xaml and project.json file from within the currently open project.

Hi @loginerror This is the folder structure but I am not able to create a Main State workflow in the “MasterFramework” or in the MasterFramework subfolder as well.


Thank you for providing more context.

Could you also explain what is your end goal? We might be able to find the suitable folder structure for it.

As of now, if you open a project from, for example, ACME System1 folder, then you will not be able to create any Workflows/StateMachines in folders above it in the tree (in this case MasterFramework and Client_Security_Hash_Calculate.

However, if you had your project.json file in the Client_Security_Hash_Calculate folder, you could create your workflows in any of the subfolders.

Another workaround would be to create the State Machine workflow inside your current project and then move the file to the folder you want manually.

Exactly what you understood from the giving details, My goal is to create a “MainStateMachine” workflow in the main project folder which invoke all the subprocess workflow from all the subfolder of “MasterFramework” folder. While creating a main state machine folder it’s showing the error. Attached the snapshot. I tried to create in the “MasterFramework” folder as well as in its subfolder same error is giving.

I think you should instead do this:
1. Create new project

2. Add new State Machine

3. Set your StateMachine as main


4. Copy your old project to the directory of this new project

It should be a nice way to achieve what you need :slight_smile:

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