UiPath Studio is not creating all folders within the project folder after publishing the workflow

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I use a temporary folder in my workflow in which files are downloaded, processed and then deleted. However, when I publish the workflow, I have the problem that this folder is not created. I need to manually create the folder in the directory used by UiPath Robot that is located in a subdirectory of the .nuget folder after the workflow is published.

However, since I would like to transfer the robot to another department and the employees there should not work with UiPath Studio but only with UiPath Robot, I wanted to ask if it would be possible to have this folder created automatically when the workflow is published.

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Hey @Sanket_Patil11,

There are two types to use the paths

  • Relative Path (i.e \NewFolder)
  • Absolute Path (i.e C:\RPA\ProjectName\New Folder\ )

Let say the project directory is in C:\RPA\ProjectName
if you try to create a new directory called New Folder, It will create under

  • Relative Path - C:\Users\**UserName**\.nuget\packages\ProjectName\New Folder
  • Absolute Path - C:\RPA\ProjectName\New Folder\
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@kuppu_samyThanks for yur reply.

I have project folder structure like this:

and when I publshed my project locally I checked the folder structure in .nuget folder and I found Logs and Output Templates folders are missing like this:

so please help me to solve above problem.

Please look into this…

UiPath does not publish empty folders. A small placeholder empty file should be there in that empty folder.


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