UIPath Studio tabs

Hello all

Sorry for this really basic question, but i really can’t figue this out.

How to open multible workflows in tabs, using the same UiPath studio?
I want to be able to use the tabs to orginize my work when working in diffrent workflows at the same time.


I have tryed to

  • drag&drop a .xaml file onto the application with no effect,
  • to use the start->open, but this closes the old file

If i make a workflow inside another workflow and use rightclick ->extract as workflow, then it works, but after i close Studio down, i have the problem again.

When first create the project it opens the Main tab. But if you click on New->Sequence/Flowchart, it will open another tab with the given name and it will add another .xaml file to your project folder that can be invoked on the Main tab.
Only the Main.xaml activities will run if you publish the project to Orchestrator and run it from there or from Robot tray.

Aha that is relaly cool… thank you!!

What if the file is not part of the project, but is in a “shared general library” folder?