UiPath Studio is not creating all folders after publishing the workflow

Hey everyone,

I use a temporary folder in my workflow in which files are downloaded, processed and then deleted. However, when I publish the workflow, I have the problem that this folder is not created. I need to manually create the folder in the directory used by UiPath Robot that is located in a subdirectory of the .nuget folder after the workflow is published.

However, since I would like to transfer the robot to another department and the employees there should not work with UiPath Studio but only with UiPath Robot, I wanted to ask if it would be possible to have this folder created automatically when the workflow is published.

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I am sure this is due to the permission to create the folder, the question is which OS user is used to run this bot & may be that user doesn’t have rights to create folder ?

If you have implemented a create directory activity in your workflow using Environment.CurrentDirectory+"\FolderName" your folder should be created at runtime no matter where you place the robot

Unless ofcourse its a user rights issue

@tobias90 I think create directory is having path like this “current project name\folder name” so change this path to full path like "d:current project name\folder name"

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Hey everyone,

as you can see in the following picture, I have three folders within the data folder:


After publishing it to UiPath Robot (not connected to Orchestrator) i will find only the the folders Makros and Mail within the .nuget folder.

I have found a workaround where i first check, if the folder is already available. But i still cant understand why UiPath Studio is only creating the two folders and not the temp folder.

Thank you for your help!

Anyone got the solution to overcome such a problem? Because I also facing same issue.

I believe this comes from the fact that Studio does not publish empty folders. A small placeholder empty file should do the trick.

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Yes its working thanks :slight_smile:

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Did you solve this problem? I cant use placeholders because i clear this folder many times.