Uipath Studio Publish Pcakage Location Input/Output folder missing

Have published my process to Orchestrator. When ran the job on another production folder.

It create new package at location

C:\Users\uipath_robot1.nuget\packages\ RPA-93-Sentinel_Metric\1.0.7096.18524\lib\net45

I had two folders namely Input,Output at location in development server.
but the two folders were missing at location

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As you said you ran in different production machine. Here, user name will change from machine to machine right. Because of that it didn’t create Input/output folders. Specify relative path instead of specifying absolute path in config file. It will work.

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Hi @Mohit_Sagar

Buddy try to keep those two folders in your project folder itself and not in any other folder in your system
so that even when you go for another machine, and when the package is published with these two folders being in the project folder will also get published in the same nuget package…
So we need to place the input output folders in the same project folder and then publish the package, you wont face any issue buddy
Hope this would help you
Cheers @Mohit_Sagar

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Have kept these folders in my project folder as mentioned above. Not in any other folder

These two folders are inside Data folder inside project folder

Hello @Mohit_Sagar

I’m facing the same issue. Did you find a solution ?

Thanks in advance

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Currently creating a Folder IfNOTEXISTS

Thank You! :slight_smile:

That is what i though !
However, it is sad that it is not already include.

If you create folders manually you need to insert a file into each folder, an empty txt should be sufficient. If the folders are empty they could not be found.

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This should be pinned somewhere.

When I use an Wait for Download activity to monitor an empty folder, I still plan to use my config file to reference that currently empty folder’s location.

Hopefully they fix this issue where you can specify in your config file:
Without having to have a file inside.

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