"A local license is required" error when starting a robot

I have a robot running 24x7 in a server with a Community license.

Problem: It already happens two times that when the robot is restarted, I get the error “A local license is required” when starting the robot.

Solution: To reinstall UIPath selecting the Comunity License. Then I can start the robot normally again.

My Question: Why this is happening? How can I prevent it?

thank you.
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Looping in @Pablito @loginerror for their inputs.

They might be able to help on this.


Hi @afeno

What is your typical way of licensing your installation? (I suppose it is a standard Studio/Robot/Assistant as installed via the EXE installer).

If you license via Orchestrator connection, could it be that it looses connectivity at some point which would then indeed trigger such issue.

I suppose one way to prevent it would be to license Studio using the local licensing option under More Options. This would allow you to “fall back” to this method and in theory prevent this message from occurring.

Thanks Maciej,

I’m not using orchestrator. I just select “Community License” during the UIPath Installation. The Robot is running on the same PC as the UIPath Studio Installation.

Where is the “local licensing option under More Options”? I can’t find it in UiPath Studio.

Then it looks like you are already using the local license.

Could you let me know the version of your installation? Also, is it the MSI or an EXE installer?

I’m using vesion 20.4.3 installed with the UIPathStudioSetup.exe

The problem is resolved once I re-install UIPathStudio but I would like to know why this is happening and how to prevent it.