Uipath Studio Activities

Is there any activity to stop or terminate the workflow inbetween that we can add inside that workflow?

@VijaiAnand - Check this https://activities.uipath.com/docs/should-stop

Hi @VijaiAnand

If you want to stop a process when you’re launching it from orchestrator, you can use the
should stop activity.

But if you’re trying the process from studio you can use break points to stop the process at a specific place.

Finally if you want to stop the process wherever you want, you can do this using the latest version of UiPath robot, you just need to publish your robot, start uipath robot, launch it from there and you can stop it whenever you feel like stopping it.



Thank you @reda and @Akash_N_Jain
But i need an activity to keep inside the workflow. if the program reaches that activity it needs to be stop working.
something to keep inside the program not from orchestrator or using robot.

What is your trigger?

You could use a counter or check if current time is past set time in a boolean to stop the workflow.

In my workflow its not a time based trigger. Sometimes i need to stop the workflow so that i can share the workflow for two different projects. In that case i need to stop the workflow so that it don’t continue additional process

This can be done based on some business logic within workflow otherwise there is no as such way to stop apart from terminating/aborting the execution


As @Akash_N_Jain said - you need a trigger in business logic to re-create the ‘Should stop’ feature.

You must have something that defines when the process needs to switch otherwise how else would you know? Should stop still wouldn’t help you if you don’t have the business logic.