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I am doing a check inside my project. If this control is provided, I want the project to be finished. Is there such an activity to do this or how can I do it?
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You can try with throw activity or terminate workflow activity


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  1. Using the Terminate Workflow activity from the UiPath.Core.Activities package. This activity allows you to end the execution of a workflow abruptly and throw an exception. You can specify a reason for terminating the workflow as an argument.

  2. Using an If condition with a Boolean variable or expression that determines whether to terminate the project or not. You can use this condition inside a loop or a sequence and use a Break or Exit activity to exit from it when the condition is met.

  3. Using the Should Stop activity from the UiPath.Core.Activities package. This activity allows you to check if someone stopped a running job using the Stop option in UiPath Orchestrator. This activity assures a smooth termination of a job since it prevents the sudden interruption of an ongoing process. You can use this activity inside an If condition and handle the should stop state accordingly.


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You can use the “Terminate Workflow” activity in UiPath to stop the execution of the current workflow and terminate the project.

Here are the steps to use the “Terminate Workflow” activity to finish the project if a specific condition is met:

  1. Add the condition that you want to check using a “Flow Decision” activity. This activity evaluates a condition and directs the workflow to one of two paths based on whether the condition is true or false.
  2. If the condition is true and you want to finish the project, add the “Terminate Workflow” activity to the path that follows the “Flow Decision” activity.
  3. In the properties panel of the “Terminate Workflow” activity, you can optionally specify a reason for terminating the workflow.
  4. Save and run the project.


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