Kill process file

I have an invoke workflow process, if the robot enters there, then at the end you need to complete the whole process, not continue. How to do it?

Hi @RPA3

if you are processing the workflow through some application or browser use kill process activity

Ashwin S

This does not work. I will destroy only this sequence, and it goes further.

If you need to stop the workflow after a specific activity of any kind you can structure your workflow as a flowchart or state machine that doesn’t go any further after doing the activity.

You could also try killing the robot executor process which I think is “UiPath.Executor”. But it’s possible that would cause some issues if you’re force killing the bot all the time. Also this throws an exception when run from Studio.

Hi @RPA3,

You can simply design your workflow like the way you wanted. Flow chart will be the right fit.

If you like to handle, Overall UiPath Jobs:

  • You can use Stop after activity in your process and set a strategy which works fine for you (Either Stop or Kill) in it. Use orchestrator, schedule stop after like cron jobs

What else? This does not work

If the Process is Flowchart ,Then you can try Terminate Workflow.