Which activity I should to use to stop the process without orchestrator?

I use if activity, and else is to stop the process. I didn’t use the orchestrator. And which activity I should to use? I try terminal workflow and it has a alter. So I can’t use it. Could you tell me which activity I can use? Thanks!

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You can use Terminate Workflow Activity

But it has a wrong bounced and I must close it manually then I can run it again. I want a method to close the process with nothing. Do you know how?

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But I dont use orchestrator. Can I use should Stop activity to stop the running?

Should Stop should be used only for Orchestrator processes.

Did you try Kill Process?

No, I have no orchestrator. I just run the process in UIPath Studio. It has try and I want stop it when error happened. But I don’t know which activity I should use.

I think you want to quit the workflow based on the if-else decision, right?

If you have no other activities after the if-else decision, then it can be left as a blank. UiPath will not continue with any activities.

If you have other activities after the if-else decision, I usually do an exception handing here:

  1. In ‘else’ decision, I’ll put a “Throw” activity. This will cause an exception to pop up. We’ll handle the exception later.
    Expression to put in “Exception” Property: new exception(“Some exception reason here”)
  2. Input the ENTIRE sequence/workflow in a “Try-Catch” activity
  3. In “Catch” Section, you catch the exception and can perhaps log the message, so that you know the reason the program ends smoothly. If you view the Robotic Enterprise framework (one of the main template options when you open uipath), you can see how the try-catch activity is used in the states.

This is how I usually do it, not sure if it is the correct way though. Maybe someone else can provide a more direct solution, if there’s any.

OK, thanks!
But I tried Try/Catch activity and it can’t stop the running process. I don’t how to stop it.

I’ve attached a sample file for your reference, may not be the best example :sweat_smile: but hope it helps!

Main.xaml (10.3 KB)

One thing to note with the Try/Catch activity, it has separate segments for Try, Catches and Finally. You have to click and edit the Catches section for the process to stop (or catch) any exceptions. Not sure why yours isn’t working, but let me know if you need any help with it after this!

It need process name. What do I need to input if I want to stop my process? did it is “Main”?

I know try/catch. But my question is that I have activity behind try/catch. If my process into the catch, I will not allow it to process down. So in catch I need stop activity to stop it. But I found it can’t do it.


so maybe IF activity and insert it Try catch activity and kill process.As well all say.

OK, I will try it . Thanks!

If you are using ReFramwork u can just put input dialog after check signal from orchestrator. As the output there should be ShouldStop - the same variable as check signal activity is giving.

When u want to test “softstop” then u can just type after each transaction “true”. Of course this input dialog activity should be disabled or removed before publishing workflow.

Instead using If activity, use FlowDecision activity. assign Boolean value depends on the output of previous activity. and if ‘True’ then continue or if ‘False’ then use WriteLine/MEssageBox activity to display that u are terminating WF.

@Nisa , Could you please share this xaml file again , I got some errors