How to kill further execution of the uipath process

Hi Team,

I have a condition (If-else) implemented in my process. If the condition is not met, I need to stop uipath from executing the code further.

How can I achieve this ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @kaishah,

you can use Terminate workflow activity to exit from UIpath execution


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Hi @kaishah,

if you have an if statement ending with no return and no further code outside of the current workflow then the execution will stop.

You can also use a should stop activity if you are using orchestrator. Should stop returns a boolean that can be used in a subsequent if statement to exit a workflow.

Should stop returns true if the job has been asked to stop in orchestrator.



Exactly. I have an If Activity, and it does have a code further.


Can you please tell me what needs to be entered in the parameters ‘Exception’ & ’ Reason ’ for ‘Terminate workflow’ activity ?

Try to create similar code… inside your Total code… make sure you are making FCondition2 = True then it will stop the code to loop again.