UiPath Studio 2021.10.5 Is Extremely Sluggish


I’m having a very hard time creating projects in the UiPath Studio community edition. Loading the application itself takes around 30 to 40 seconds and scrolling through the designer canvas is slow as hell. Every time I want to go up or down, it lags a lot. And worst, when coming to execute a script, it can sometimes take around 10 seconds to start executing the activities. I have a fast running PC with the following specs:

RAM consumed from the program:


I’m not quite happy with how slow this app is getting. Any suggestions on how to increase the performance? Thanks.


Can you check whether you are using stable or preview version of UiPath studio. You can check it here Home → Help.

If you are using preview version then change it to Stable and then check it once.

Please give it a try to our latest 22.4 preview. We have added a lot of improvements in performance (start time, load time, compilation time). Would love to hear if this improves for you (compared to 21.10 or older).


Hi. I’m using the stable version.

Hi @alexandru

I meant the program interface. You are referring to the UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities which is 22.4.0. I will check and see if performance has increased or not.

Actually, we have recently released Studio 2022.4 Preview:

Our focus is set on performance, and we appreciate all the feedback around this topic, especially where it was already mentioned as an issue by you :slight_smile:

But just to gather more context - could you share some more details about your process? (the amount of installed packages, the maximum “depth” of the sequences, the rough estimate of how many activities are used, is the project hosted on GIT/TFS, and any other info that you might find relevant.