UiPath became very slow and resources demanding after converting from Legacy to Windows

I’ve recently converted my UiPath project from Windows Legacy to Windows (my machine is Windows 10, 64bit).

Soon after, the project became very slow and resources demanding.
Every simple action I make (opening a workflow, scrolling, editing, running etc.) is resulting in a very slow reaction and also affects other process on my pc, due to the UiPath high load.

When I run the project, it runs a validation and a compilation, which together may take about 5-10 minutes (depending on the amount of changes made to the project).
Attached are some screenshots.


Please advise.

We are aware that our latest release has some performance issues that got exposed lately and we will address some of them in the next path 22.10.4 and during the next releases.

Thank you.
Do these issues result from the conversion from Legacy to Windows, or are they exist in the Windows version anyway?
(I’ve considered to recreate a copy of my whole project in a new automation, assuming the first assumption).