UiPath Studio - Designer Canvas Slow/Sluggish When Scrolling

I am losing time when needing to scroll through a process when developing. When scrolling, it is slow/sluggish in both Community/Enterprise.

Is anyone experiencing major slowness during scrolling in Studio?

Yes, there are many performance issues with UiPath Studio, the slow Designer Canvas is only one of them.

Simple test here:

  • Opening UiPath Studio, RAM consumes ~= 257 MB
  • Create a blank process, RAM now consumes ~= 580 MB.

Add a few activities to open notepad, type something and close.
RAM start increasing on each debug/test to 600, 700, 800…

Even after stop the tests and wait a few minutes, RAM usage for UiPath Studio is still in ~= 800 MB… some garbage collector missing? Don’t know.

All this RAM consumption for 3 activites (Open application, Type into, Close Application).

After a while UiPath Studio become unusable, I do prefer close it and re-open to get better response time.

Days ago I noticed a bad performance related to the simple “mouse hover” on startup screen and I decided to verify.

With Task Manager opened, I move mouse continually top-down over the elements.

On the right side of the screen (New Project / New from Template) the CPU reaches 7%, 8%… pretty normal.

But doing the same on left side where we have the recent projects list, the CPU reaches 32%, 35%… this is insane… we are just moving mouse up and down over the items… what is happening behind the scenes to force the CPU (Intel(R) Core™ i5-8250U) over 30%?

What is the difference between the items on left side to the right side? Visually they are the same, even so, the performance is very different.

Would be great if the performance of the UiPath Studio received the deserved attention on future versions.

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Yes, I’d love to have a better understanding of optimization when developing. The goal is the software to move as fast as I can design.

Thanks for reporting this. We are looking to improve this and this will be a top priority for our next releases.

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