UiPath Set Text

I have some issues developing a process, the main issue is.

While using the screen recording tool on UiPath Studio it supose that I can select any input of the window to get or set data, but is the first time that I notice this

It do not allows me to select one input, it just select all the inputs as a group but i want to set data on each of this inputs, I need to select one at time

In the same process i have found the same problem before, it selects me the whole table as one element, but i need to click on each element to open it, I can move on the table with the arrow keys with the send hotkey functions and then click on enter so I pass it, but with the functions set text and get text i need to explicitly select the fields where to click but i can’t select one field, it selects me a group.

Have you ever seen something like this before? maybe exists any function o a way to avoid this that you can recommend me

Try to use the new computer vision activities


You can try “Click Text” activity, and write your “text” for example “NUC”, if the cursor moves to the word “NUC” you only need to change the “Click Text” properties in the CursorPosition Options, in OffsetX field with the necessary number oof pixels to move the mouse to where you want.

Simple way to solve this issue of start Citrix recording and use click option and indicate the static text and after when it asked for relative click chose the box where you have to click, this will auto generate the X and y off-set and do the same for all fields and your code will be easy to design as well

I have used the find text position to find the text field “NUC” and used as element input of the “Type Into” and I works, thanks for your idea

The problem is that I can select either the text or the field to use relative elements