UIPATH does not do the same as video lesson 7 with "ClickText" in Citrix Recording

Hi everyone I am experiencing something strange. In the video of unit 7 that says how to fill textboxes in citrix machine. I do the same procedure as it says. In citrix recording I click in ClickText, then I select the image (for ex in my screen label says “First” (first name) so, I click on “First” then it shows the screen “Screen Scrapper Wizard” with all text found, then, I change in OCR Engine to Micrsofot OCR and then, as the video says in “Search Text” I put “Fist” and click on button “Set Mouse Position” and it gives me an error. I do not why if I am doing the same process as the video says but instead of give me the dialog box to click on Indicate and OK, it shows me the error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”. Am I doing something wrong?? ErrorScraping
For Virtual Machine I am using VirtualBox.
I really appreciate your comments.
Thank you very much.

Hi Gisela,

I am facing the same issue, please did you find the solution?