Not able to automate in the new window appears after clicking on a field

Hi @badita,

When I tried to do the attached steps in UI path, I’m not able to record the sub screen that comes under ‘search more’. So, I’m struck at that point and couldn’t proceed further. Pls help here


You can use delay by hitting “F2” key which have countdown time of 3 seconds and in that time span close the "window which is blocking your main working window" and start recording again after 3 seconds gets over.

Hi padil,

Thanks for the reply. Since its a single window application, if we close the window, th entire app closes down.

Moreover, we need to select between/Description in the dropdown that appears on the sub page.


Does the selection work on that sub-screen?

Hi Badita,

It is showing “Selector not found Error” while debugging that recording. For that I made some changes using Ui Explorer. But it didn’t work. Please help me out. Thanks in advance.


So you’re able to recognize elements within that sub-screen, right?
What is the selector?

After that i need to select Description from the list. By default it is Region.

Here UiPath is not able to recognize that Description from the drop down.

Can anyone help me to find the solution?

Hi @MamathaG,

Uipath will not recognize what you have in the dropdown list as you hover and select click it goesoff,
i had previously faced this issue so the solution is select the dropdown and use typeinto and use D and then in the add ons use enter key description gets selected.
**Note :-kindly make sure that the while using typeinto make it empty field

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for considering my request.

Uipath is not able to identify this dropdown

Hi @MamathaG

is it able to find any element in that popup window
or only the dropdown

no, its not identifying any part in sub screen

Hi @MamathaG ,

then only way is to use citrix recording and try to do it,

Citrix recording is also not working.

Hi there,

have you tried to attached a new window with this automation?

you can use attached activity by dragging and dropping from the activities pane or using the recording option.

Can you please share the XAML file? this is important because most of us don’t have access to Ariba, I tried to see if I can get a demo but couldn’t.

Clicking might not help, try to use send keys activity as @srishsai suggested.

I am also stuck in the Level-3 , final exercise while selecting the Month from the dropdown to download the monthly report CSV file.

Does, the tool really works for selecting the dropdown list? If anybody wokred, please share the example for this scenario specially with System 1. Because this seems has a special kind of code in the dropdownlist.