UiPath Service not started

Hello Friends,

I was making a simple gmail login flow and using orchestrator for credential management.
But getting following error.
Also my robot is also showing disconnected so can anybody help me in resolving this issue.

Many Thanks in advance.

Hi @nitin.ipec07!

please check Windows services on your PC and check if “UiRobotSvc” status is running.

hope this helps! :smiley:

Hi @nitin.ipec07

Looks like your orchestrator robot is not set up correctly. Few things to consider in setting up the orchestrator robot.

  1. Every robot should have an environment. It’s like a work location where one or more robots work. So please create one and add your robot to it.
  2. Your Machine name “Nitin” is that correct? Go to start menu and execute the UI Robot service. It will be added to the task bar under running tasks. Click on it and go to settings page. There you will have the machine name of your computer. Make sure to use the same name mentioned there as the machine in the orchestrator. It is important for the orchestrator to connect with your computer.
  3. Your username doesnt look right. Go to command prompt and type “whoami”. This will give your user name in the "Domain\Username format. Use the same thing here in the orchestrator. It needs to have the same domain\username format under username
  4. For the password give the password you use to login to that account.

Once those are done: in your local robot settings

  1. User the Orchestrator URL
  2. Add the machine key which you can find under machine details of the orchestrator.

Once these are done, your robot should be connected with the orchestrator :slight_smile:

Hope it helps

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