UIPath SAP , Selector, unable to differentiate between editable and non editable text field

I am having trouble differentiating between
CONF. Control field here

and here

Used get attribute, but still all the selectors are the same.

If this option is available then i should choose PO confirmation from drop down.

Hi @hansen_Lobo
Can you use select item activity to select the value PO confirmations

USe modern design and try it for select item you can provide the anchor and target values

Fro anchor ----you can use as Conf.Control
target —dropdown that you have beside the COnf.Control

I should be able to select the dropdown only if that field is enabled. How do i make sure its enabled or disabled ?

use check app state activity to check whether the element is present or not

Did you check for properties available in Property Explorer, if there was any difference between the elements?

Yeah, checked it, everything is the same, both the cases

Is there something else that’s different in the UI that you could check for?

A possible workaround: wrap the Select Item in Try Catch. If the element is disabled, this should trigger an exception.


just try this one first click the button and use element exist activity if element available then we can select the item from the dropdown list.

and check the aastate property in the get attribute it will return enabled or disabled.


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