How to find the dropdown is enabled or not in SAP

Hi Team,

I have to check whether the menu item/dropdown is enabled or not in SAP. If it is enabled choose values else throw exception. Please help to solve this!!

I have tried in UiPath explorer to check the difference between both, but getting the same selector.


Hi @Soundharya,

You can use an Element Exists or an Image Exists activity and check whether the drop-down exists or not…Place the actions you want to do in an if/else activity

Thanks for helpin@PAVITHRAN. I have tried bot the activites and it returns true in both the cases :worried:

That should not be the case… :thinking: Even if the element is not identified, the Image exists activity should be working. Have you checked whether the drop-down is clicked before it is being recognized?


Steering means automation of such SAP Elements - they called SAP Toolbars is possible with our latest SAP Activity pack. Available since 19.12 and above.

Use Click Toolbar Button activity to automate such buttons and dropdowns inside the buttons.

I am not sure if (?) and even if it is possible (?) to verify enabled/disabled element in such trees…

Best regards, Lev