Help on search failed at selector tag issue

Hi, I need some help.
I’ve created a Robot that works sometimes and sometimes not and I’m curious to understand why sometimes it works and sometimes it crashed at always the same activity (Type Into activity)
Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector
Search failed at selector tag:

when I check my PIP cession I got the following error on edge:

when I check my PIP cession I got the following error as well on edge :

But I only use 1 user profile??

Do you have an idea what’s going wrong there?
Its annoying because I’m at the end of the automation and should be able to finalize it soon (only the above mentioned issue is remaining)

Thansk in advance for your help.


Can retry installing the edge plugin installation, for reference check below documentation

Hope this will help you


I still have the problem. Do you know what is wrong? It randomly failed and I ve got the runtime execution error.

Thank in advance for your prompt help. This would be much appreciated

These kind of things are usually because the web page or application you’re working with loads slowly. Try setting the Type Into’s WaitForReady to COMPLETE so UiPath doesn’t try to do anything until the page has loaded.

I’ve tried to set the Type Into’s property to “WaitForReady to COMPLETE” but I still have the problem.

Do you have another idea what may causes the issue?

Thansk in advance for your help.


I still have the problem. Can an admin help me with this?
My automation always crash at a random moment when I have to save AS from Edge my downloaded PDF file to our server.

It always crash at type Into activity (see below)

This is the selector :

It seems that set up a delayBefore time in the properties solve the problem.

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