Performance issue while reading/writing excel file with many sheets

Hi Everyone,

I need help in below scenario.

I am reading excel files which are having upto 1400 sheets(some can have 10 sheets also, some can have 1400) in it, whereas the data is not large in every sheet max 200 rows.

Uipath is taking huge time to process this kind of file. In my logic i have to read the sheet filter on Critical Y and S and just take that data, process is fairly easy but processing time in uipath is going beyond 24 - 30 hours.

Also in starting the processing is fast but eventually it gets slower and slower. can somebody suggest me a better way to do reading and filtering data and can let me know why is this Uipath becoming so slow.
I am stuck.


Hello @Dhruvi_Arumugam

So if your excel is having 1400 sheets, how much time it will take to process each item in the sheet?

Also how you you are getting this file? If there is a possibility to split and no ui is involved, then you can try with multiple background process whichc an run in parallel.

In the starting to process over a single sheet bot takes around 8-10 seconds but it decreases in the long run lately it takes 30 40 seconds for a single sheet f i do a simple math say 1400* 40 secs which is around 15 hours and there are many files.

I am badly stuck due to this behavior of the tool

@Dhruvi_Arumugam During the processing how is the memory utilization of your system? Can you check in taskmanager, whether you have enough cpu after some hours of processing? Also is this process running as a background?

It is a mixture of Background + foreground but foreground processing finishes in the initial phases only, and about memory and CPU my system config. is 16gigs ram and the intel Xeon processor this should not create issue i think

@ppr @Yoichi can you provide some other solution here of merging excel data?


Which activity do you use, ReadRangeX, ExcelReadRange or Workbook-ReadRange?

If use ReadRangeX, can you try ExcelReadRange or Workbook-ReadRange?


HI @Yoichi,

I am working with Classic activities → workbook read range

Similar issue I am also facing while working on excel.


Can you try ExcelApplicationScope and ExcelReadRange?
Workbook-ReadRange activity read whole workbook every time even if read a sheet. If we set ExeclApplicationScope properly, it reads whole workbook once per workbook.


For reading sheets it is looping over a list of sheets and currently i am using workbook read range everytime to read the sheet, you are suggesting to use excel scope and excel read range instead of workbook?


Yes, like the following image.