UiPath running slow lately

UiPath has been running slow lately. It takes a few mins to save the project or run the project as it keeps showing process circles in the cursor.

Not sure, if it had anything to do with updating Community Edition license. As when it ‘showed’ expiring today, that’s kinda when I saw this problem. I tried update my license just now, still the problem persists

Kindly advise.

Thank you xoxo

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  • Try1: Restarting the Uipath and check again.
  • Try2: Restart the Machine and check again.
    If still it is slow please let us know.

Hi @Vivek_Arunagiri, I tried like you said again but still the same.

After looking through the forum, I figured out the problem and solution.

Problem: Xaml file was too large e.g. 20,000KB as I commented out a lot of activities and forgot to delete them.

Solution: Use ‘invoke workflow file’ activity to break down the workflow and delete unnecessaries activities.