UiPath REALLY slow at launching xaml files when running

I have a project using the REFramework, which launches multiple xaml files as it runs the main process - however, each transaction takes an unreasonably long time to process - mainly due to the fact that it takes AGES for the xaml files to be launched when the process runs. For example, inside the Process.xaml, it launches another sub-xaml file to do some identification on the current transaction - however, it takes 10 seconds (on average) to actually launch that identification.xaml file - but once in, the actual activities inside only take about 0.7 seconds to actually run.

The xaml file itself is only 25kb.
So, 10 seconds to actually launch the xaml file, 0.7 seconds to run the activities inside.

This happens throughout the project - meaning it takes over 2 minutes to run a transaction, with almost 1min 45sec of that time take up by simply launch the xaml files.

Is this a known-issue with UiPath? Is there something that can be done to mitigate this?

We’re running 20.10 at the moment (for reference).


Fid you try running in run mode and from orchestrator…the time difference would be significant with debug mode…


It’s when I run it in “Run” mode from studio, not debug mode. And whilst the process runs quicker when deployed to Orchestrator, it is still noticably slow…


May I know are you using any nested workflows or mutiple sequences inside or nested flowcharts and all?

Ideally the xaml size might not effect but this like this might effect the speed

In the latest versions it is indeed slow…but as yours is 20.10 there is no good reason that it might be so slow


Yes, I have nested workflows - they’re all sequences if/else blocks. I’m not using flowcharts

I found out it was due to the number of Imports each workflow was doing. As it’s an older project, it’s had a lot of revisions over time, and the number of Imports had grown. Removing them so only the used ones were included recuded the average transaction time down from 2 min to about 10 seconds…

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