Uipath RPA developer certification

I have completed RPA developer learning plan. What do I need to do to obtain RPA developer certificate


Are you talking about certification in academy or certificate.uipath.com site ?

I am referring to certification in academy. My organization wants me to attach developer certificate.


You need to complete 3 levels of certifications in Academy and these all are RPA Developers. And also along with this some more Non technical trainings also we have. If you are interested then you can do that also.

Level 1 - RPA Foundation Training
Level 2 - Orchestrator Training
Level 3 - RPA Advanced Training

Complete it one by one.

As mentioned earlier, I have completed all these, but it is providing diploma for each level. Where can I obtain certificate for developer


Once you logged into Academy site then click 3 dashes on top left corner and then click My Activities -> Courses

Here, it will show all list of trainings completed and you can download certificate from here. You will find an option to download this certificate at the end of each row.

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