UiPath Levels of certification

Hi i am new to Uipath

I am an Automation Tester with 4 plus years of experience

Can anyone explain me the levels of certification useful for me


Welcome to the uipath community.

Register in https://academy.uipath.com

And then complete this trainings for developers. There are 3 levels.

  1. Level - 1 Foundation Training 2018.3
  2. Level - 2 Orchestrator Training
  3. Level - 3 Advanced Uipath Training

And also some other trainings also available along with these. Once you completed these trainings you will get certificates also and register in below site to get Uipath Advanced Developer certification.



Hi Lakshman,

After these 3 levels of training’s i would require to do RPA developer certification right ?

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Once you complete these 3 trainings then you can complete this RPA Developer Certification easily.

If you are familiar with UiPath go ahead and do the final test certification!!!

the Level 1-3 aren’t a pre-requisite to do them!!!

i have just attended one session of UIPath

from this shall i start with RPA starter

If you are a starter I’ll suggest do level 1, 2 and 3 before doing the final certification test!!!

could any one mention the course number details. its just many courses not sure which one to choose for level 1