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Hi , I have completed RPA Developer Foundation Course with all 13 parts completed . Now to do Certification , what is the process ?

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Since you have now completed the foundation training, now go ahead and do the Level 2 Orchestrator training and the Level 3 Advanced training before attempting for the certification. Once you have completed all three levels, then you can attempt for the certification…

Thanks a lot for responding .I just want to do RPA Developer - Beginner Diploma. for that also , we need to do all ?

Oh okay… I thought you were trying for the certifcation… If you are only focused on the beginner diploma, I think doing the RPA developer course is fine. But I do recommend to do the level 2 and level 3 training because those cover critical parts of a developer role…

But i dont see any option of generating diploma certificate . Could you guide me there ?


Have you submitted survey once final exam completed ?

If not then do it first and then only you can able to download Diploma certificate.

i did not get option for the exam , thats what i am not getting . So sorry to bug you .


Could you please provide me screenshot of the same. So that we can check and help you.


Could you please provide full Screenshot.

Are you able to see any option like Download Diploma On right hand side ?

No options


Again you sent same image.

On right hand side it is showing that Orange color Button is there right. Show me that one.



It’s new course right ?

For this they didn’t provide any certification at the end of the course. That’s why it’s not showing.

then what course should i do for diploma ? Yes its a new course

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You have to do Level 1 - Foundation Training 2018.3 to get Uipath Diploma certificate.

I also took this course… To see what’s new there… no certification there… just the course…