Uipath RPA certificate

Hi everyone,

I have no background or knowledge in programming.
I just started learning how to use Uipath, but i m straggling with basics.

I decided to pass the RPA certificate and i m wondering, by experience, how long it takes, to take all the training in the academy from A to Z to be ready to pass the certificate ?
Furthermore, do i really need to have the orchestra version to pass the exam ?

Thank you so much :slight_smile:


You can easily learn UIpath and no need of any programming skills to learn in intial stage.

First complete

  1. Level 1 - Foundation training 2018.3
  2. Level 2 - Orchestrator training
  3. Level 3 - Advanced Training

You should follow sequential order to complete these Certifications.

Thanks for your reply, do you know how long it can take to complete the 3 levels.
is it like 40hours ? 100 hours ? is it less or more ?

I want to have an idea of the duration needed to be ready.


That I can’t tell bro. It’s all depends on your interest and how fast you will complete it.

Level 1 has 13 modules and final Certification.

Don’t skip any tasks in between doing Level 1 training and everything complete it. They explained very well in the videos and you can easily understand.

If you have any doubts then pls let us know and we all are ready to help you.

All the best bro :grinning:

Thanks a lot.
I m currently building a case to propose Uipath orchestra internally in the company. However, i should include the duration that may take to get the training and get certified. (Considering that i will be full time on training 7.5h/day)

I will continue looking for an estimation of the duration that may takes if i m full time on it.

Thank you :wink:

Level 1 - 7 Days
Level 2 - 1 Day
Level 3 - 5 Days ( It contains 2 Tasks)


Thank you so much.

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All the info about trainings and certification is here.
happy automation,
Andra T.

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