Training and certification

if I study two hours every day and to practice and learn RPA Academy how many days I could finish this course and get the certificate?

you may finish

  • level 1 course in first 2 hours (including your testing and play around time)
  • level 2 in may be three days (first 6 hours)
  • level 3 in 5 days to two weeks including exercises and some self study time

For the certificate path , it totally depends on you. You can immediately sit exam (theory test + practical) after level 3 or may be you want to implement some practical processes first to get more knowledge.

If you pass the exam , will get the certificate and become certificated developer. For me, I am quite lazy guy and working with UIPath over a year, still not sitting the exam yet. :grimacing:

There is alot of online courses , for architecture / business analysis regarding automation. Quite good and will help alot in UIPath journey if you presenting to the management/clients or writing reports.

It took me around 3-4 months to finish all course in the academy portal and UIPath will upload new training module if there is any major update. I suggest to take them , it will benefit/teach you alot about new UIPath features

2 hours a day, assuming you have no prior programming knowledge or little programming language.
level 1 in theory you can finish within 2 to 2.5 weeks (2 hours a lesson should be enough except for lesson 2 or 3 with a lot of videos to absorb.
level 2 will take about 2 to 3 days (it is easy, 4 to 6 hours u should grasp the whole thing already)
level 3 will take at least 3 weeks (it took me about 4 days with full dedication of about 5 to 6 hours a day to understand assignment 1 logic and what to do with each state. (i rushed from level 1 and i have a redo of assignment 1 coz chrome is unstable so i took about 24 hours total). assignment 2 i did it in less than a day totaling to about 6 to 8 hours include testing and troubleshooting, tentatively level 3 will take about 36 to 48 hours tentatively to complete, so roughly translates to 3 weeks or so. including the practice which i viewed and jumped ahead because i hate the docs for being blur at times, so adding up total u could spend upwards of 50 to 54 hours depending on ur speed.

certification exams was quite easy as i did work items 2 (outdated dont try) in about 6 hours with testing and debugging and making workarounds (dont try because the features in ACME is faulted. i’ve done some other practices and passed the certification on my first try. this totaled up to about 12 hours so you are looking at about.
level 1: 28 to 32 hours (can be upwards of 40 hours depending on ur progress speed)
level 2: 4 to 6 hours
level 3: 42 to 54 hours
practice: up to you, i took about 12 hours total to pass certification on first try.
so total you should take a about 88 to 104 hours or slightly less than 2 months to get the certificate on 2 hours a day.

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i’m pretty sure your level 1 timing is not possible unless you have knowledge on how things works in uipath before you attempted. i personally took about an hour a week for each lesson because thats part of my curriculum and thats totals up to about 14 to 16 hours just for lvl 1. Lol

level 2 i agree 4 to 6 hours is enough
level 3 about that amount of time as well

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Certification Error
I completed the training’s for Built a Bot and Licensing. After completing several time the credit is not added to my account. I have screenshot of completion. Please check.

Do I need a web cam while giving the Certification Exam and will i be using my own system to give the exam or I have to go somewhere to give the exam under some supervision ?

You can give exam on your own system and your place .no need to web cam for exam.

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For anyhelp regarding UI Path Certification,feel free to reach us