UiPath Robot status Disconnected

Hi, I have created a robot for email automation and managed to publish and upload as a package to https://platform.uipath.com/. Then I have created an unattended robot, machine, and a process to run this. To schedule the process I have also created a trigger but the robot that I have created earlier doesn’t show on the widget. The status of the robot is Disconnected. When I try to create a job, the robot is not listed there also. I have attached the screenshots below. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Hi @manu.naico
Try to connect robot to an environment first, and tell me if it work


@manu.naico Yes you need to match your robots to an environment, to run but still your robots should be seen, try deleting the machine and add a new machine key if required.

Thanks for the reply. I have created an ENV and connect that ENV to Robot but still the status of the robot shows as disconnected. :zipper_mouth_face:

I think the user is incorrect, check this, open cmd and write “whoami”, that’s the user

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Can you please elaborate… :grinning:

Hi @manu.naico, check this out, the user could be wrong.


Thanks for the reply. :grinning: It was very helpful. I managed to connect the orchestrator with that. But the robot status still shows as disconnected and even though the orchestrator status is now Connected, the processes are not listed. As I am new to this, it seems like a tough one. Is there any way to solve this. :zipper_mouth_face:

Hi ,
I know you might have already found a solution for the same . Please check below steps also if anyone facing similar issues

Step 1 : Check the machine name displayed when you select orchestrator settings from robot machine ( Robot Tray in your system)

Step 2 : Compare the machine name displayed in orchestrator corresponding to your BOT
Click on ROBOT tab under Management section in the orchestrator
Step 3 : If the machine names are different - Identify the correct machine name you are using
Step 4 : Delete the other machine and keep only the right machine
Step 5 : Delete existing Robot - Ui Path will allow once you delete the mapped machine name
Step 6 : Create a new robot with right machine name linked
Step 7 : Goto environment tab and assign environment using manage tab
Step 8 : Confirm robot tray is linked properly -Refresh and see whether the status got changed or not

The solution may be a simple one.

The Machine Name as configured in the Management :: Machines section must exactly match the name of your local workstation. If there is a mismatch in UiPath Orchestrator, the machine will register a Disconnected status even if the connection in UiPath Assistant indicates a successful connection.

Notice the mismatch in the following image, where the computer name from whoami (thinkstation) does not match the name of the machine (Insights Machine)

I have similar issue with the robot status which still disconnected. My UiPath the version is 2020.10.2-beta4, in my problem, the solution is, I need to install my process on UiPath assistance after I publish my process to Orchestrator