Orchestrator starting a process

Hello all, I was able to connect everything as recommended in the academy. what i am facing now as seen below is that when I start the process through the orchestrator it take forever running and it does not execute, but when I start it from the robot tray it works just fine, any ideas?


Could you please check logs of that process and make sure your robot machine connected with Orchestrator properly or not.

Hi thank you for your reply, yes it is connected and the tray says licensed and connect and the logs shows no problem


Could you please click on that 3 dots at the end of job running and check whether it’s showing any logs or not ?

And also one more thing is it happening with this process or with all the processes ?

When we are running from orchestrator are we running with the right robot provisioned to a machine
And also make sure that the robot type chosen is unattended
If not choose the robot type as unattended and run once

And if we see no license available for unattended in https://platform.uipath.com once after logging in to the url click in services tab and choose action option along the tenant link ther we can add the unattended robot license

No re-login again and click in tenant option in services tab
Now update the robot with unattended type in robot tab and try once

Cheers @Rasoul

Hello, Apparently on some of the processes and I have no idea why, for instance the demo process that is already there in the community version is not working, and another process I have created, but there are a couple others that are working!

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Okay apparently publishing the workflow as pre-release does the trick …

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