Orchestrator - Unable to start manual jobs

Hi all,

I’m able to run robot jobs directly from the agent however when attempting to do the same within the browser the job sits on a “Pending” state indefinitely.

–What I Have Attempted–

  • Redone configuration from the beginning
  • Verified that the robot is “Available” with a valid connection from both web and agent perspective
  • Checked that the project itself works when run manually
  • Attempted to identify further information through logs

Is anyone able to provide me some help on resolving this issue?


Hi @TylerMcK,

It is most likely related to this issue, with the solution

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Thanks for replying so quick anil.

Using “whoami” inside of cmd reveals only my username with no domain attached to the beginning. Is there something further I can do to find the domain or does that mean that this solution will not work for me?

Your reply has lead me to a solution, thankyou very much. Sorry I couldn’t find that myself, I attempted to look around.

For future users: “whoami” was not displaying my domain and username, only my username. Locating the domain through the command “set user” instead allowed me to locate it. Updating the robot with the new information allowed it to work.


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