UiPath Robot not available in my machine

Hi Anybody, could you please let me know why the UiPath Robot not available in my machine. how to install it?

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Hey @mail4bobbysam

You can directly install it from the cloud portal,


Nithin, I have UiPath Community edition already installed in my laptop, it is the UiPath Robot that is missing when I search it in the Search option. Please see a screenshot which i took from a video.

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Hey @mail4bobbysam

That is update to UiPath Assistant now.

So kindly search for the same.



In community edition follow the below steps to connect your robot to orchestrator

Using the Assistant

  1. Open the Assistant.
  2. On the Preferences menu, select Preferences . The Preferences window is displayed.

  1. Navigate to Orchestrator Settings .
  2. In the Orchestrator URL field, enter Orchestrator’s web address, such as https://myOrchestrator.uipath.com/.
  3. In the Machine Key field, enter the key generated by the machine entity in Orchestrator.
    Learn about the various machine entities in Orchestrator and when to use each.
  4. Click Connect . The robot is now connected to Orchestrator.

For more details on different ways to connect robot to orchestrator
Refer this doc

Cheers @mail4bobbysam

Were you able to connect the bot now