UIPATH ROBOT (Licensed version) not listed as a Windows Service and error encountered when not connected to VM


Facing an error when not connected to VM (using Licensed version of an unattended ROBOT)

@Geetha - Please confirm if you have followed all the steps as specified in below guide:

Also you can check below article:

Thanks @Akash_N_Jain Yes I did create the Local user and added to the Remote desktop users" local group.

I don’t see the options as Register as Windows Service (mentioned as default option in the install guide)


It does not give me an option “Register as Windows Service”

@Geetha - That option is included by default and should come as windows service. Please check services.msc and see for UiPath post installation.
Or use below guide to convert it to service mode:

@Akash_N_Jain 19.1.0 version it got installed as a service by default, with 18.2.6 version this was not possible.

18.2.6 is also suppose to work in same. Let me give it a try and update here. @Geetha