I have Published a process but I cant see changes in my Excel after run in my location

By default I have kept my project in document>uipath folder and published.
I have given some write steps in excel after successfull run & published it in orchestrator.
But after run I cant see any changes in my excel file which is located in my same path as given above.
Is after publish, It creates another copy of all my folder in another place? where it is updating my status in excel? Please help.


After publishing the Folder will be created as Nuget and kept in C: folder (in my system - Inside Users). But the Changes has to be done in the Excel file inside the Folder you have Kept.

Hi @nitinsenger,

can you Provide little more details please…
You did published the workflow ok, trying to run it in VM or Local Machine…?

Then How can i track my output.
For my case I have given scenario like if run is successfull mark pass in excel only.
But while I am looking after bot run no status is updated in the same excel.


Actually I am printing my output in data excel after successful run.
I published this project and now after run by bot I cant see any output got printed in my excel.
Here my question is where is my output data file as the location where I have kept my data file which is document>uipath has no any output got printed.

And my process is successfully triggered as I got email which was the last step of process.

Please help.

Whenever You Publish a Project,
It will create a replica of the same in another Location i, e.
C:\Users\Sun_Dar\ dot nuget\packages\Bot1\1.0.1(Version)\lib\net45
Check and let me Know…

I am able to navigate till dot nuget page only. after this I cannot see any packages folder.