Error Initializing Python Engine

Try to install python from here Python Release Python 3.10.1 | and then restart the machine.

In order to verify where the python.exe resides, open a cmd.exe and type:

where python

Based on , in v1.6.0 we fixed an issue where UiPath.Python.Activities v1.4.1 would not support Python v3.10.1.

In a C# Windows project with UiPath.Python.Activities[1.6.0] (Studio 2022.4.6) with a locally Python 3.10 installed

Python Scope example configuration

Library path:




Target: x64

Version: Auto

WorkingFolder: "C:\Users\username\OneDrive - UiPath\Desktop\Troubleshooting"

Run Python Script example

File: "C:\Users\username\OneDrive - UiPath\Desktop\Troubleshooting\"

Let us know if this helped.