UIPath Orchestrator lesson 7 does not work at all

In particular, the Get Asset and the Get Cretendtial activities just hang when I press Run, and the only way to get UIStudio to start doing something again is by ctrl-alt-del and killing the process. Using buttons in the debugger, like Stop do nothing at all, and pressing the close button in the top left promises to stop the app, but that promise is not kept either.

UIRobot appears to work fine, as I can start the automations mentioned in earlier lessons.

Hi @svdwal

Could you check in Orchestrator if the version of your running robot is the same as your Studio version?

If this can be done on the laptop, UIRobot says Orchestrator Settings - 2019.4.3, UIStudio = 2019.7.0

To run properly, Robot service needs to match your Studio version. I am not sure what happened that you have a Robot service with an Enterprise version and Studio with the Community version, but I would suggest you to remove all installations of Studio from your machine and then reinstall Community Edition.

See this guide for more info:

I uninstalled the enterprise version, as windows shows the app version in the app uninstaller. Then stuff worked.

I cannot see from the names of the installer exe’s whether they install the community version or the enterprise version, which is rather annoying.

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The Community Edition (latest 2019.7) will always be an .exe installer and auto-install Studio and Robot to your user Local folder.

The Enterprise version will always be an .msi installer, which requires you to choose components to be installed.

That’s an easy way to tell :slight_smile:

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