Robot Unlicensed

I am new to Orchestrator and just following the instructions in the Introduction Video on Portal

  1. Created an Service
  2. Enabled all licenses due to community Licenses
  3. Opened Orchestrator
  4. Created a Standard Machine (Name = Machine Name from Local UiRobot)
  5. Created a Standard Robot in Orchestrator (Type Studio )
  6. Opened Orchestrator Settings From the UiPath Robot (2019.10.4)
  7. Entered Orchestrator URL and Machine Key
  8. Pressed Connect-Button

Status was “Unlicensed”

Appreciate any help :slight_smile:

I did not understand if you are using community edition or enterprise…

I am using community edition

So something is wrong with your version or setup, community edition does not have Robot anymore, it is called Assistant now, maybe uninstall uipath and install new…

I will deinstall all UiPath Components and reinstall latest stable version.

Be sure that the machine name created must match your orchestrator configuration machine name which is basically your domain name

This will depend on which version you installed and which installer package was used. From there are 3 downloads available in the Resource Center

  • Community Edition Stable: 19.10.4
  • Community Edition Preview: 20.3.0-beta.84
  • Enterprise Edition: 19.10.4 (if you ignore the other versions)

Community Edition will download the UiPathStudioSetup.exe which will install in User Mode to the User’s profile. If installing the 19.10.4 version the Agent Desktop will be installed. If you were to install the beta (I haven’t yet) but based on the information in here, as @bcorrea indicates Agent Desktop has been renamed to UiPath Assistant in 20.3.

If you use the Enterprise Installer package (UiPathStudio.msi), you have the option of installing it as User to the user’s profile or with admin right which would put it into Program Files. You will also have the option to continue using the UiPath Robot or install the Agent Desktop, however while the Robot will register and obtain a license from the Community Orchestrator, if you attempt to use Studio Enterprise without a local license with Community Orchestrator it will not work and is unsupported. You would need to obtain a stand-alone or trial license for Studio.


For troubleshooting make sure

  • Your Orchestrator Machine Name matches your local computer name
  • You are using the correct Machine Key from Orchestrator when configuring the local UiPath Service.
  • Your URL is valid UiPath. ( can also be
  • That you select the right Machine when creating your Robot in Orchestrator

From there if you are still having troubles, hover your mouse over the status message in Agent Desktop / UiPath Robot, it will give you a more specific message for the status. You can also find the error message witin Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Applications

  • Connected, Unlicensed > The machine key is linked to another machine!

  • Connected, licensed > Robot is connected and license is acquired

See the following for possible status with Agent Desktop

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Hi and thanks for your detailled advice.

I tried to exactliy follow your instructions. But does not work yet.

Here is my protocoll

1. Deinstalled all UiPath Apps.
2. Downloaded: Community Edition Stable: 19.10.4 
3. Installed with "UiPathStudioSetup.exe" in User Mode
4. Choosed "Community License"
5. Choosed Profile "UiPath Studio"
6. Choosed Update Channel "Stable"
7. Installation complete: Studio starts.
8. "UiPath Studio" and "UiPath Agent Desktop" available 

9. Open the procect "Open Notepad an write something"
10. Debugged it
11. OK

12. Press Publish from Studio
13. Options "Root Defaults" and "Custom" available
14. Cancelled publishing

15. Closed Studio
16. Opened "UiPath Agent Desktop" 
17. Opened Orchestrator Settings
18. Copied the Machine Name from there

19. Opened, logged in 
20. Create Service adding 
	a. Attended Robots: 2
	b. Unattended Robots: 1
	c. Studio: 2

21. Opened service
22. Add a Standard Machine
23. Copied the Name from #18 in
24. Added 0 License - Unattended
25. Copied the Machine key

26. Go back to Orchestrator Settings (#17)
27. Pasted Machine key 
28. Copied the Orchestrator URL and paseted it into settings
29. Press Connect
30. Status green: "Connecting, Licensing"
31. Then switches into orange "Connected, Unlicensed"

Problem solved:

My mistake while filling “Domain\User Name” and “Password”.

For I am working on a private computer not connected to any Domain I filled out Domain\username from my UiPath Portal credentials. ROFL
I had to use credentials from my own computer.

Thanks for all who helped me

Best Regards

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ahh yes, thank you for the follow-up. I did forget to mention that the the format of the username not matching will also display “Connected, Unlicensed”. With a hover message of “Could not log in user to Orchestrator.”


Reviewing the hover message or the Application Logs helps to narrow it down as the ambiguous message “Connected, Unlicensed” has a few root causes.

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