Uipath Studio not working

In the recent Uipath Studio Version 2020.4.1, uipath studio stopped working once connected to orchestrator.

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Hi @vyshudindu
Is it still same
Can u tell us the issue on screen

After downloaded the latest UiPath Studio and not connecting to the orchestrator it’s working properly, once I connect to orchestrator simple hello program is also not executing and it is not throwing any error. The screen shows just in run position for long time(until I stops only manually).

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Hi @vyshudindu,
Just exist your robot and re open , if need restart your pc , most probably you have hang with existing data after update

I deleted entire UiPath folder in appdata and tried restarting the system and also uninstalling and reinstalling for couple of times, but no use.


You are trying to run a job on orchestrator right? What is your robot type in the orchestrator? If studio then can you change it to unattended and try to run please?

Even if I am not ruining from orchestrator i.e running from studio also, it’s not working and I tried with atttended,studio,pro studio also, but still no luck.

Can you share robot settings in the orchestrator, orchestrator settings in robot tray, in cmd type “whoami” share screenshot and your full url of orchestrator?

@vyshudindu - pls try below