UiPath Orchestrator Host vs Tenant based Licensing

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I have a question regarding licensing of the tenants in an Orchestrator. Hope someone with expertise in this topic can help me here.

we want to use host based licensing for the UiPath Orchestrator. However some tenants would like to manage their own licensing. Is it possible to have both host and tenant based licensing model working on the same Orchestrator instance?

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Welcome to the community! It is not possible to have both models, however Host based model should be sufficient to accomplish that because from a Host tenant you can assign certain number of licenses to a tenant and from there someone can manage/allocate the licenses within that tenant so technically they managing their own licenses however they cannot install a new license key, everything has to come from the Host.

Not sure if that works for you or solve your question

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refer the below link will give you the exact information related host


After you have your Orchestrator host licensed, you can assign the licences to each of your tenants as you wish, and from there they can manage them. If you choose to license the tenants directly, then those licenses cannot be assigned elsewhere after…


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Hi, it is possible to have both host licensing and tenant licensing on a single Orchestrator instance. To do so:

  1. Create the tenant using the host admin in the tenant management area and don’t allocate licenses to it
  2. Log into the tenant and go to “licensing” at the tenant level. There you can apply a separate tenant key if you have one.

In this way you can cover cases where multiple license types aren’t supported for the same license key or your host licensing key expires at a different time than your tenant keys.

Generally if possible using host licensing is best because it allows for the most flexibility in management and mixing is only recommended to cover the above scenarios.

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