Licensed Orchestrator with unlicensed tenant and standalone license

Hello! My organization recently did an installation for UiPath orchestrator v 2022.10.2 on prem.

Previously we were using the v 2020.4 and most of the robot we have are license to standalone license. Due to the non availability of dev environment, we then install the new orchestrator to new vdi setup with different orchestrator license. Now the new orchestrator has license and we created multiple unlicensed tenant. We tried to connect the standalone robot that we have to the new unlicensed tenant but it didn’t seem to recognize it. Does this mean we need to have several license in the host to allocate to each tenant so that the tenant will be license first before adding more standalone robot in it?


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Yes each tenant should be licenses before you connect your robots to them…

For more details on what plan works and how you can license multiple tenants please check this

Hope this helps


Hi @Anil_G , thanks for the response.

Yes I did have a look on this. And correct me if im wrong, by allocating license from host, it will automatically licensed the tenant. and the license that we allocate to tenant could be attended, unattended, studio, and so on.

so does this mean for the case when there is only standalone attended license machine tie to this tenant, it will not license the tenant?