Uipath Orchestrator for excel sheets

Hi all,
I am trying to schedule the process using an orchestrator for excel sheets. As per my requirement, the bot is running in a specified time but it is not extracting the data into excel sheets.
If I try to run any bots it is working fine but while coming to the bot which contains excel sheets, I faced that issue.
Kindly check me out.
Thanks in advance!

Hmm interesting
may i know whaat is the issue you are getting
Cheers @suma123

Hi @Palaniyappan
Thanks for your response
When I run the bot manually the data is extracting into excel sheets. While coming to orchestrator the bot is running in specified time but the data is not extracting into excel sheets.

is thebot running in correct machine. kindly check that once because if you are able to run it in studio it would work for sure from orchestrator as welll
Cheers @suma123

Good morning @Palaniyappan
Please kindly check the below image

It is showing input values are null but when i am running the bot in studio it is working fine. The issue is with orchestrator, I don’t know why.

Can you please help me out