Excel and Robot

Hi Folks,

I have 2 problems.

  1. I am trying to scrap my debit card day to day transactions into an excel sheet. My bot is unable to write scrapped data into Excel.
  2. I am trying to publish my workflow into Orchestrator but once I click on publish it throws an error that “Robot Does not Exist”.

Can anyone help me with this?

Advance Thanks,
Irfan Shaik :slight_smile:


May I know are you using Community or Enterprise Edition of Uipath studio ?

And also check once whether robot installed or not ?

@lakshman I am using CE of UiPath studio and Robot is installed.


Did you Connected that robot machine with Orchestrator ?

And also did you created Robot, Environment etc… in Orchestrator or not ?

@lakshman I did and in my robot tray it shows “Unlicensed”

@Irfan -
1 - UiPath Studio & UiPathRobot are installed in the machine?
2 - Is your logged in user is connected with orchestrator?
3 - please open UiPathRobot from System Tray and goto Orchestrator Setting → check the status sector → It should connected, licenced.
4 - If its Unlicensed - do the disconnect & connect - follow below link for detailed video -

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@GBK Thanks.

What about one more query?
Can you help me with that?

@Irfan - I can help you on that… can you pls share the query.

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@GBK I am trying to scrap my debit card day to day transactions into an Excel sheet. But my bot is unable to write into Excel. Workflow runs successfully and when I open Excel there is no output.

pls add log message before excel writing data and verify the bot is able to capture the details or not.
if log message data is empty /incorrect → pls check the data scraping activity
If its logging as expected data - pls check write range excel having the correct inputs or not.

@GBK Okay bro. I’ll try and let you know.

you could try sharing your .xaml file. Could help us help you :slight_smile:

@Irfan check the path of your excel properly…may be the problem in that…when you publish it…your excel will go in some other directory…

@rpa4 can i share it here?

Of course you can. There’s an upload button in the toolbar of the textbox.image

@rpa4 You can refer my Xaml file.

2_5253841667072460006.xaml (132.5 KB)

Your XAML seems to be writing something to a textfile. I don’t see any hints of Excel in there.