Bot ran perfectly for two weeks in orchestrator. Now the bot is skipping steps and failing


I built an unattended bot for sales transactions, first two weeks of production went great and the bot ran except for a few selector update changes it needed. Now the bot is failing and skipping steps. The big issue with this bot is its need to go physically go into excel and filter out for a specific category. How can I fix the bot to not skip steps and to make sure the excel workflow works properly. I have tried OCR but seems to not work the best, I have processed the bot to run just by Use Application Clicks.

Any help would be great. Thank you!

Hey @RPALearner_17

Does the bot skips the Excel steps part ?

And if yes, why don’t we do it by background Excel operations !


Hello @RPALearner_17 ,

Automating Excel using the excel package is the best choice to avaoid these issues.

Also if you did it in ui automation due to some specific reason, then please check whether any update has happened in UipATH and in your application.

If update happened in UiPath, please update the packages to stable versions and try it once.