About the bot is running fine in Uipath studio but not in orchestrator ni

Hi when I am running code from uipath studio the bot is running fine.
When am running from the orchestrator the bot is not performing well means am not getting the values I have working on 3 options like in 1st option if there is data in option 1 it will take the data if there is no data it will move to option 2 and again there is no data in option 2 it moves to option 3

  1. first option the bot will check for recent mails and take the data the 1st option it is working fine
  2. When coming to the second option it will see the latest attachment and take some values in the Excel sheet and copy the output for these the bot is not performing well while debugging am getting the data correct while it runs in orchestrator am not getting the data

Can u please help me in these

When you say it is not getting data - does that mean it errors out or exits gracefully?
Can you add some logs around option 2 to review logs which would give more idea on what’s happening while triggered from Orchestrator.

Yeah added logs what the bot do in option 2 means it will look for mail messages in outlook and download it while in orchestrator the outlook is not working

Did you see any error captured either in

  1. Orchestrator - Job logs
  2. Event viewer on machine where robot is executing the process or
  3. In robot logs