Bot is running fine in Uipath studio but not in orchestrator

This might sound weird but its head spinning, I have developed the code in UiPath Studio tested the results matches the data and requirements but when I publish to the orchestrator the bot output does not match meaning it I have added 10 items to queue the result will be 14 or 16 items. sometimes the data columns get shuffled up. then same bot I run again in my studio file is 100% accurate.

Does anyone had ever faced this issue, if yes can share the problem and solution, as I am not able to find any error log to even go and fix the issue… thanks

I see one person had similar problem, but can’t really found the issue.


Its difficult to teel the problem without more details…

First try including some logs of data incoming and also if any filters then try counting the rows to first pin point where error is …and may be from wueue you can see what are missing and check the difference why they can be missing