Uipath Orchestrator bugs in 2019.10


I am using the latest version 2019.10 of Uipath Studio and Orchestrator in my organization.
We found out that all Monitoring features (Robots, Jobs, Queues and Logs) are not working.
If we try to start job, Orchestrator is throwing error of “Your session has expired. Please log in again”
If we click on Queues, it is logging out automatically and throwing same error.
Can someone help me on this please?

We found that we needed to use IE as there seems to be some type of bug with how SSO certs are used.

Hi @epainter11

I opened Orchestrator in IE but I am getting the same problem.

You might have to clear your cookies. Also, if you are using Single Sign On, you should click the Windows button underneath the password field on the sign on page.

I don’t think so it has anything to do with cookies.
I am not using SSO.
I am able to log in the Orchestrator.
When I am trying to Start Job it is logging me out and throwing the error which I mentioned.

We experienced the same thing when using Chrome. I was just offering a solution that worked for us.

Did you face this type of issue in 2019.10 version?
How did you resolve it?

We are using SSO, so it was a cert / cookie issue for us. We were using Chrome and now don’t experience the issue while using IE. We are using 2019.4.2
Haven’t upgraded yet to 2019.10

I didn’t any issue in 19.4.
The features where we are having problems are not present in 2019.4.
They are only in 2019.10.
Hence, I am not getting any proper answer.
Anyway @loginerror Thank you for your time and help.

Is there anyone from Uipath Team help on this problem?

maybe you will want to open a ticket with support so you will be better supported, as this is only a forum…

I have done the same yesterday only.
But till now I didn’t get any response from them.

Hi @Deepak_M

I think the support way is indeed the best one here.
Hopefully you should receive an answer shortly :slight_smile:

Uipath 2019.10 Orchestrator is getting logged Out automatically(10mins).
Can any1 help?