Keep getting logged out of Orchestrator

I log into Orchestrator to view jobs and run jobs, but after a little time (3 to 5 minutes) I get logged out. This is happening in version 2019.4.4. It was not happening before. In previous versions I could log in and stay logged in all day.

Does anyone else have this issue? I cannot seem to find any setting that would correct this. If someone else has had this issue, how did you fix it?

Thank you.

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Hmm…This is something new I m hearing
No worries
Are we using url to access the orchestrator
If so we haven’t faced any such issue
—may be kindly change the browser where we are opening this orchestrator
Like try with Internet Explorer or with either like Chrome

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries
Cheers @tprince

Thank for you the suggestions.

I am using the url.
I was using Internet Explorer (IE) and then I tried Chrome. Both browsers are doing the same thing and logging me out.

Hi @tprince

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Well this is kind of a security feature. Earlier we were able to stay logged in for longer periods. However since the day they moved the community orchestrator to cloud, this logging out scenario was there.

In a way it is good to have it you get logged out only when you are inactive in the orchestrator for some time. Basically somewhere around 5 minutes… I think it’s a security feature that they have introduced. It’s always good to have a auto log out when you are inactive for some time because orchestrator is the central controller for all the robots. And it can have lot of information which needs to be secure.

So I think it’s okay to have it like that. And the good thing is it never logs out while you are working on something in the orchestrator

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I have the same issues on our own orchestrator and it quite annoying.
Example: I have 5 panes open to monitor jobs, queues and look in to separate logs. While looking i scroll down and when I release the mousebutton I get logged out because I’ve been on for too long. When I get back in ALL my panes have been reset and I have to navigate all over again.
Can we turn this “feature” off?