Orchestrator Problem in 2019.10

We have installed Enterprise Uipath Studio and Orchestrator in our Organization.
We are facing the “Session Timeout” issue in all the features under Monitoring.
We are unable to trigger any Job, unable to monitor Queue items.
Uipath team till now is unable to resolve this issue.
Does anyone can help me on this?

Hi @Deepak_M

Have you tried contacting our technical support and schedule a call for them to have a look at the issue?
It seems like the best course of action here :slight_smile:

Hi @loginerror

Yes I have opened a ticket and they connected with us twice.
But til now I didn’t get any answer.
They are still trying to find the reason.

Did you ever get this resolved? We are encountering the same issue after upgrading to 2019.10.17

Yes Uipath team resolved it.
It was because of https.
In the URL because of intranet https was not getting recognized by Orchestrator.